President Dr. Anne Harris

BS, MS ED, D. Min

Dr. Harris is the Executive Director of New Life Guidance Center and a trained Board Certified Christian Counselor, Certified in Childhood, Grief, Loss & Trauma, Interpersonal Neuroscience & Marriage & Family Counseling with a BS in Psychology, a MS.ED in Education Counseling, a D.Min in Counseling Psychology, and a D.Min in Christian Education,


Dr. Harris has worked extensively as a counselor, educator and trainer in schools, agencies, private practice and churches.

She is the President of New Life Bible College & Seminary, Administrator of New Life School of Excellence, and Co-Overseer of New Life Outreach Christian Center.

Dr. La Fayette Scales


Dr. La Fayette Scales  is the senior pastor of Rhema Christian Center, a church that is making an impact in northeast Columbus Ohio.

Dr. La Fayette has ministered to men across the United States and throughout the world. Through the network of local churches, Dr. La Fayette is recognized and set in the Church as an Apostle and functions in that capacity to many leaders, churches, and ministries locally, nationally, and internationally.  


Dr. La Fayette has authored two books: What is the Church Coming To and It’s The Walk Not The Talk. In addition, he has been a featured speaker at Back to the Bible Conference.

Dr. Willa Brown

MS ED, D Min

Dr. Willa Brown is a graduate from the University of Dayton with a Masters in Social Agency counseling, and a B.S. from Park College in Social Psychology. She has worked with adults/youth with various social/emotional problems, and physical/sexual abuses. Willa’s desire is to help the people of God become set free and fulfill their purpose.


Dr. Yvette Jackson

B.A. M.Div, D. Min

Over the last 30 years, Dr. Yvette Jackson’s professional career has included clinical, academic,
and administrative roles. Formally trained as a Social Worker and a Chaplain, she has provided
leadership to multiple systems, including the Child Welfare System, the Office of the Attorney
General, several faith-based institutions and several educational systems, including Higher
Education. Prior to moving to Richmond in August 2018, Dr. Jackson served as the as Regional
Bereavement Manager for Kindred Hospice and Executive Director of the Ohio Suicide
Prevention Foundation (OSPF) in Columbus, Ohio. While in Columbus, she also served as
Affiliated Faculty for Trinity Lutheran Seminary, teaching evening courses in the Pastoral Care

Dr. Stan E. DeKoven

Ph.D., Professional School of Psychological Studies, M.A., Counseling Psychology, Webster Univ., M.A., Psychology, San Diego State Univ., B.A.; Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified School Psychologist

Dr.Joshua D. Reichard

D.Phil., Oxford Graduate School, Social Research, Ph.D., University of the Western Cape, Religion & Theology, Ed.S., Liberty University, Educational Leadership, M.Litt., Organizational Leadership, Oxford Graduate School; Certified Clinical Sociologist

 Dr.Steven Mills


   Steve and his wife, Kath, have been in fulltime mission work since May 1984. From 2015 until the     middle of 2020 Steve and Kath lived in Kuwait where Steve served as the Senior Pastor for                 Crossroad International Church. Currently, Steve serves as the Vice President of International             Operations and World Missions and zone leader for Africa and the Middle East for Vision                     International University.  The main focus of Steve’s overseas ministry is  leadership                             development and church planting.

   Robert Ostrander CFP

    Robert Ostrander has been in business for 53 years. He is a Certified Financial Planner.

     He has a S Corporation, C Corporation, LLC Corporation,  and Sole-Proprietorship. He taught at:

     The Ohio State University, Lee University, Franklin University and

     College for Financial Planning and conducted Seminars at: AT&T, Nationwide Children's                       Hospital, Liquid Box Company, Ohio Department of Commerce, Riverside Hospital & Battelle


     Robert was Featured In:

     Columbus Dispatch, Columbus Monthly & The Ohio Business First

Dr. Brian van Deventer

Leadership, Business and Practical Theology

Dr. Gail Stathis

Leadership and Theology

Dr. Nico Horn


Danielle Womack

JD Leadership and Not-For-Profit Management, Law and Ethics

Apostle George Runyan

MA Theology and Church Planting

Dr. Darryl Webb


Dr Manon Gurley


Dr. Kluane Spake

Counseling, Apostolic Ministry and Theology

Dr. Ron Bernier

Theology and Leadership

Dr Tim Hamon

Leadership and Theology