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Degree: M.Div.

Campus: On Campus (Columbus), Online, or Distance Learning

Credits: 90 hours

Prerequisite: Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent, 30 credit hours of undergraduate general education courses

The Master of Divinity prepares persons for more effective full-time ministry as pastors, evangelists, professors, missionaries, or other ministries. This program enables the integration of a comprehensive understanding of the Bible with the creative practice of. ministry. The M.Div. is a 90 unit program beyond the bachelors, including a thesis. This
program requires the completion of the equivalent of a 36 credit Master of Theological Studies degree, plus 36 credits from the additional courses (listed below), and 18 credit thesis.



  • To provide advanced knowledge and understanding of the Bible and theology necessary for effective communication.

  • To provide knowledge and skills for the teaching of the Bible, theology, and practical ministry at the collegiate and institutional level.

  • To provide academic and professional training required for the various institutional chaplaincies.

Program of Study
The program focuses on historical, systematic, and biblical theology. Professional ministry issues are not a focus of this program. Nevertheless, the program is designed to provide a theological foundation for ministerial service.



 (Click here for Course Descriptions)


Leadership Studies

  • CE 503 Advanced Leadership & Administration for the Church


Church History

  • CH 505 Survey of Church History

  • CH 510 History of the Charismatic Movements


Ministry Studies

  • MT 504 Evangelism and the Local Church


New Testament

  • NT 502 The Pastoral Epistles

  • NT 504 NT Survey: The Gospels/Life of Christ

  • NT 508 The Epistles and Revelation


Old Testament

  • OT 505 The Book of Psalms

  • OT 509 The Christian & Old Testament Theology


Philosophical & Systematic Theology

  • PT 504 Christian Worldview

  • ST 503 Contemporary Theology


World Missions

  • WM 501 Introduction to World Missions


Additional Courses: (Choose 12 classes)

Leadership Studies

  • CE 502 Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management


Church History

  • CH 506 The History of the Church to the Reformation

  • CH 507 The History of the Church Since the Reformation



  • CO 500 Psychology & Theology

  • CO 530 Counseling Theories and Strategies: A Biblical Integration


Ministry Studies

  • MT 501 Spiritual Formation

  • MT 502 The Role of Women in Ministry


New Testament

  • NT 501 The Sermon on the Mount

  • NT 509 Fundamentals of New Testament Greek

  • NT 511 The Christian and New Testament Theology


Old Testament

  • OT 506 Understanding the Old Testament


Philosophical & Systematic Theology

  • PT 501 Christian Ethics

  • ST 504 The Doctrines of Man and Sin

  • ST 505 The Doctrine of the Salvation

  • ST 506 The Doctrine of the Trinity

  • ST 507 Contemporary Theology II


World Missions

  • WM 502 History of Missions

  • WM 503 Urban Mission and Ministry


Thesis BI 799
Master’s Thesis (18)

Practicums, Workshops, Projects, Seminars, Mentorships

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