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Degree: BM

Campus: On Campus (Columbus), Online, or Distance Learning

Credits: 54 hours

Learn the nature of the marketing process through basic elements of marketing and steps in the marketing process. Understand the "Four P's" applied to both business and nonprofit marketing techniques. Develop an understanding of utilizing marketing skills and tools in order to finance and raise funds for both non- profit organizations and secular business. Learn six biblically based keys to marketplace success and a scriptural foundation as to the importance of implementation of those keys by every marketplace, not only into their place of business but also in their individual lives. Learn to understand the content of a market feasibility study; how to lay out a plan of action or vision for success in your specific field of expertise.



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  • RS 304: Intro to Leadership (3 credit hours)
  • RS 440: The Challenge of Leadership (3 credit hours)

  • RS 372: Christian Life and Ministry Leadership (3 credit hours)

  • GE 112: Intro to Management (3 credit hours)

  • RS 219: Christian Character Development (3 credit hours)

  • RS 112: Qualifications for a spiritual leader (3 credit hours)

  • OL 460: Ethics in Leadership (3 credit hours)

  • GE 220: Financial Integrity and Stewardship (3 credit hours) 

  • CC 415: Human Development (3 credit hours)

  • OL 440: Conflict Management and Resolution (3 credit hours)

  • CI 420: Biblical Foundations of Business (3 credit hours)

  • CI 422: Business Management from a Biblical Worldview (3 credit hours)

  • CI 424: Principles of Transformation in the Workplace (3 credit hours)

  • CI 426: Communication and Spirituality in the Workplace (3 credit hours)

  • CI 428: Marketing for Business and Ministry (3 credit hours)


  • PC 100: Practicum: Servanthood/Ministry of Helps (6 credit hours)

  • PC 200: Practicum: Stewards in God’s House (6 credit hours)

  • PC 300: Practicum:  Practical Ministry (6 credit hours)

Program Objectives

  • To empower students for transformational leadership within their ministry context.

  • To provide students with advanced competencies in organizational theory, management, and leadership skills in practice and in research.

  • To enable students to integrate personal, biblical ethics, integrity, moral values and practice with sound management theory in leadership vocations including business, community, and faith-based service.

  • To expose students to business laws that influence leadership, management, and financial practices.

  • To develop students who are competent in the techniques and practices necessary for business vocations, community organizations and other non-profit organizational management.

  • To enable students to demonstrate that ethics, integrity, and morality are in harmonious synergy with sound Leadership and Management theory and practice.

  • To prepare students for advanced studies in leadership and/or professional ministry.

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