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Degree: MA

Campus: On Campus (Columbus), Online, Distance Learning

Credits: 36 hours

Prerequisite: Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent, 30 credit hours of undergraduate general education courses

This program is designed to acquaint these students, as well as pastors, chaplains, educators, church workers with a model of healthy Christian leadership as well as a clear understanding of both servant and abusive leadership. Particular focus is given to the centrality of Christ in Christian leadership. 

In this leadership program, students will learn to:

  1. Apply Christian leadership concepts in order to creatively solve organizational problems and promote healthy organizational development.

  2. Facilitate the use of change-agent skills in the areas of program design, implementation, and evaluation.

  3. Work with the design and development of strategies that promote personal development and enhance the functioning of organizations.

  4. Develop an understanding of leadership from a structural, human resource, theological, and symbolic framework.

  5. Investigate current research on leadership.

  6. Review leadership models currently in organizations and investigate new models.

  7. Analyze and critique leadership behaviors.

  8. Practice leadership techniques and report on leadership experience.



 (Click here for Course Descriptions)

  • CI 503: Advanced Leadership and Administration

  • LE 501: Introduction to Leadership and Leaders

  • LE 502: Ministry Leadership Foundations

  • LE 511: Leadership Practicum

  • CE 501: Church Administration & Leadership

  • CE 502: Interpersonal Communication & Conflict Management

  • LE 503: Dynamics of Effective Leaders and Followers

  • LE 504: Spirituality & Leadership

  • LE 505: Contemporary Issues in Leadership

  • LE 506: Leadership Development

Practicums, Workshops, Projects, Seminars, Mentorships

Program Objectives

  • To empower students for transformational leadership within their ministry context.

  • To provide students with advanced competencies in organizational theory, management, and leadership skills in practice and in research.

  • To enable students to integrate personal, biblical ethics, integrity, moral values and practice with sound management theory in leadership vocations including business, community, and faith-based service.

  • To expose students to business laws that influence leadership, management, and financial practices.

  • To develop students who are competent in the techniques and practices necessary for business vocations, community organizations and other non-profit organizational management.

  • To enable students to demonstrate that ethics, integrity, and morality are in harmonious synergy with sound Leadership and Management theory and practice.

  • To prepare students for advanced studies in leadership and/or professional ministry.

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