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Degree: DCL

Campus: On Campus (Columbus), Online, or Distance Learning

Credits: 45 hours

Prerequisites: Master's degree or equivalent, 15 graduate credit hours in Biblical Studies or Theology

The Doctor of Christian Leadership is a unique multidisciplinary program designed for those who desire to lead as Christians across a variety of church, ministry and other settings. The Christian leadership degree program equips you academically, spiritually and professionally to navigate the challenges of 21st century leadership. Enhance your administrative skills and knowledge. Transform your church or local community by developing effectiveness as a corporate or community leader. Learn the Christian leadership development practices necessary to guide others with wisdom in church and community contexts.

The purpose of this degree program is to equip the student for a higher level of competence in the practice of ministry than that achieved in the foundational work normally resulting in an M.Div. degree. The Doctor of Christian Leadership degree program is designed to serve the need of ministers for an experience of continuing education which renews the personal life of faith, further develops professional competence, and stimulates continued growth in biblical and theological foundations for ministry. 

The student will complete the following seven courses, each of which constitute five semester credit hours. A 20-page paper is to be written on each topic. The choice is the student’s, unless the committee determines a weakness in the students’ prior academic background. The doctoral student must submit a bibliography of the books used for the core papers. Upon completion of the core topics the student will be advanced to candidacy. Completion of each core topic earns 5 credit hours. Course descriptions are provided to the student in a separate document as requested. The student has the option to choose seven core courses OR choose one emphasis. 

Doctoral Project Proposal

The student is to write a proposal for the Doctorate, describing the project according to the prescribed format. The completed proposal is to be approved by the Doctoral Committee of the College. The process and format for a Doctoral Proposal is described in Research Writing Made Easy. These resources will be provided by the Student Services Department.

Doctoral Project

Upon approval of the proposal the student may begin writing his or her Doctoral Project according to the specific format. The Doctoral Project is the finishing work for the doctoral degree and is what provides the right to be called “Doctor.” It earns 10 credits towards the degree program. The guidelines for the writing of the Project are found in the book Research Writing Made Easy. Through the combination of foundation coursework, diligent study, and the guidance of a doctoral project coordinator, students successfully complete projects that are both personally gratifying and that contribute to the advancement of God’s kingdom.



 (Click here for Course Descriptions)


Core Courses (5 credit hours each)

  • DM 800: Leadership in Pastoral Care

  • DM 801: Church Growth and Leadership

  • DM 802: Cross Cultural Perspectives in Pastoral Leadership

  • DM 803: Counseling, Family Life, and Pastoral Leadership

  • DM 804: The Media, Leadership and the Church

  • DM 805: Spiritual Development of the Pastor, Church and Community

  • DM 806: Ethics and the Church in Today’s Culture – A Pastoral Perspective

  • DM 807: Conflict Management and Resolution in Church Life

  • DM 809: Women in Ministry: The Controversy of Ordination of Women

  • DM 810: Leadership Principles Applied to Pastoral Ministry and Church Extension

  • DM 811: Missions in the 21st Century

  • DM 812: The New Apostolic Reformation: Paradigms and Procedures

  • DM 813: Psychology and Theology: Conflicting or Complementary

  • DM 814: Contemporary Theology and Evangelical Belief

  • DM 816: Renewal Ministry from a Historical Church Perspective

  • DM 817: Revival and Church Planting – Principles of Translation

  • DM 818: Preaching: Its place and Importance in Contemporary Worship

  • DM 819: Contemporary Worship: The Strengths and Weaknesses


Doctoral Project (10 credits)



Emphasis in Human Behavior
CC 840: Clinical Applications of Counseling in the Church
CC 850: Psychopathology, Sin and Demonic Influence
CC 860: Psychotherapy, Pastoral Counseling and Inner Healing
CC 870: Psychology and Theology: A Personal Integration
CC 880: Personality Theory, Therapy: A Christian Worldview
DM 803: Counseling, Family Life, and Pastoral Leadership
DM 807: Conflict Management and Resolution in Church Life


Emphasis in Education and Leadership
ED 810: Conflict Resolution in Educational Leadership
ED 820: Human Behavior and Management in Education
ED 830: Psychology of Learning in Education
ED 840: Philosophy of Educational Leadership
ED 850: Educational Leadership for Private School and Church
DM 801: Church Growth and Leadership
DM 810: Leadership Principles Applied to Pastoral Ministry and Church Extension


Practicums, Workshops, Projects, Seminars, Mentorships

Program Objectives

  • To empower students for transformational leadership within their ministry context.

  • To provide students with advanced competencies in organizational theory, management, and leadership skills in practice and in research.

  • To enable students to integrate personal, biblical ethics, integrity, moral values and practice with sound management theory in leadership vocations including business, community, and faith-based service.

  • To expose students to business laws that influence leadership, management, and financial practices.

  • To develop students who are competent in the techniques and practices necessary for business vocations, community organizations and other non-profit organizational management.

  • To enable students to demonstrate that ethics, integrity, and morality are in harmonious synergy with sound Leadership and Management theory and practice.

  • To prepare students for advanced studies in leadership and/or professional ministry.

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