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Degree: BA

Campus: On Campus (Columbus), Online, or Distance Learning

Credits: 45 hours

It is important to know how to properly prepare for a worship service through effective preparations and how to lead in a small and large group. You will seek to understand different expressions in Christian worship and its relationship to the presence of God. The Worship Team plays a vital role in helping people come into the presence of God. Every worship team member has great potential for ministry.


The purpose of this program is to study the biblical theology and historical foundations of worship, especially as it is expressed in the contemporary worship and the renewal movement You will also learn the theology of music; its importance and purpose. The Focus will be on the real meaning and purpose of music from a biblical perspective. You will study worship in the future and how a changing world can enter God's presence in the new millennium.



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General Education

  • GE 101: English Composition (3 credit hours)

  • GE 112: Introduction to Management (3 credit hours)

  • GE 201: Cultural Anthropology: A Christian Perspective (3 credit hours)

  • GE 220: Financial Integrity and Stewardship (3 credit hours)

  • RS 103: Introduction to Communication: Evangelism (3 credit hours)

  • RS 212: Speech and Communication: Homiletics (3 credit hours)

  • RS 200: History of Civilization I: Church History Perspective (3 credit hours)

  • CC 101: Sociology of Marriage and Family Life (3 credit hours)

  • CC 201: Introduction to Psychology: Christian Counseling Perspectives (3 credit hours)



  • RS 451: Worship Leading (3 credit hours)

  • RS 452: Quest for God (3 credit hours)

  • RS 453: Biblical Theology of Worship (3 credit hours)

  • RS 454: Theology of Music- A Biblical Perspective (3 credit hours)

  • RS 462: Future Worship (3 credit hours)

  • CC 201: Introduction to Psychology: Christian Counseling Perspectives (3 credit hours)

  • CC 415: Human Development (3 credit hours)

  • RS 304: Intro to Leadership (3 credit hours)

  • OL 440: Conflict Management and Resolution (3 credit hours)

  • RS 305: Chosen to Lead: Divine Kingdom Leadership (3 credit hours)

  • LE 201: Discovering Your Calling (3 credit hours)

  • LE 101: Understanding Biblical Leaders (3 credit hours)

  • OL 460: Ethics in Leadership (3 credit hours)

  • RS 112: Qualifications for a spiritual leader (3 credit hours)

  • RS 219: Christian Character Development (3 credit hours)

Program Objectives

The program is designed to equip men and women for further study, research, or teaching.

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