Degree: BA

Campus: On Campus (Columbus) or Online

Credits: 120 credit hours

The Christian Counseling degree program is designed to prepare the student for the  ministry of counseling to individuals, couples, families, and special focus groups within the context of the local church, para-church ministries, church-related agencies, and the market place. The program enables the student to employ integrative therapies: integrating proven, effective counseling methods, models, and modalities, with sound biblical and theological principles. The vision of the church is to be a healing community. Hope for hurting individuals and families is an essential element of the Christian message. The counseling program equips the student to help people realize personhood wholeness in every area of human life – spirit, mind, and body – and to facilitate marriage and family harmony and enrichment.


This program is offered for pastors, church leaders, lay counselors, and those who counsel as a vocation throughout the world. With this biblical counseling training, our sincere mission is to enlist, equip, and encourage followers of Jesus Christ to live and counsel the gospel of Christ and His Word, especially to those living amidst suffering and the troubles of this life.

We are grateful to each of you for your eagerness to see Christ exalted in the hearts of all people. We are grateful you are willing to be a part of this biblical counseling with us.



(Click here for Course Descriptions)

  •  BI  100: Hermeneutics: Introduction to Bible Study

  •  BI  101: Old Testament Survey

  •  BI  102: New Testament Survey

  • RS 101: Dynamic Christian Foundations

  • RS 102: Christian Life

  • RS 110: Spiritual Warfare

  • RS 109: Spiritual Formation

  • CC 101: Marriage and Family Life

  • ED 101: Dynamics of Teaching

  • PC 100: Practicum: Servanthood in the Church

  • GE  112: Introduction to Management

  • RS 205: The Healing Covenant

  • RS 201: Authority of the Believer

  • RS 202: Cults and the Occult

  • GE  201: Cultural Anthropology: A Christian Perspective

  • GE  220: Financial Integrity and Stewardship

  • RS 212:  Speech and Communication: Homiletics

  • RS 219: Christian Character Development

  • CC  201: Introduction to Psychology: Christian Counseling Perspectives 

  • CC 218: Marriage and Family II:

  • PC 200: Practicum: Stewards in God's House 

  • CC 301: Self-Concept: Studies in Biblical Inner Healing 

  • CC 303: Assessment in Christian Counseling 

  • CC 304: Developing a Counseling Ministry

  • RS 304: Introduction to Leadership

  • CC 305: Human Sexuality from a Biblical Perspective

  • PC 300: Practicum: Practical Ministry for Church and Community  

  • BI 400: Advanced Hermeneutics

  • BI 405: Authenticity and Authority of the Bible

  • RS 435: Christian Theology I

  • RS 438: Eschatology

  • RS 442: Church Growth and Development

  • RS 444: Advanced Christian Worldview Studies

  • CC 402: Crisis Counseling: A Christian Perspective 

  • CC 403: Biblical Manhood and Womanhood  

  • CC 404: Counseling the Dysfunctional Family   

  • CC 405: Addiction Counseling  

  • CC 406: Counseling and Family Violence 

  • CC 415: Human Development  

  • OL 440:  Conflict Management & Resolution

  • OL 460: Ethics in Leadership

  • RS 440: The Challenge of Leadership

                                      * 3 credit hours for each course



Program Objectives

  • To assist an individual in understanding their own needs through self-confrontation.

  • To develop an understanding of human needs, motivation, and personality structure.

  • To equip the saints to minister healing to the body of Christ using the Word of God.

  • To understand the function of counseling in the various ministry venues.

Upon graduation, you will receive: 

  • Certificate of Lay Counseling in a bachelor's degree program

  • For professional counseling you also need a master's degree

  • Get a dual Bachelor/Master's Degree to enhance your calling in counseling