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Degree: BA

Campus: On Campus (Columbus) or Online

Credits: 68 credit hours

This program is designed to provide a basis for study of, and sharpening of skills for ministry in the jail and prison setting. An overview of the types of facilities in which ministry takes place, types of ministry being carried out, and opportunities for ministry within the facility and post-facility setting.

It is important to examine the causes of recidivism and answers the question  Why do they go back? This program will discusses topics including: Preparation of inmates through pre-release programs, the first 30 days, and long-term aftercare requirements.​



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General Education:

  • GE 101: English Composition (3 credit hours)

  • GE 112: Introduction to Management (3 credit hours)

  • GE 201: Cultural Anthropology: A Christian Perspective (3 credit hours)

  • GE 220: Financial Integrity and Stewardship (3 credit hours)

  • RS 103: Introduction to Communication: Evangelism (3 credit hours)

  • RS 212: Speech and Communication: Homiletics (3 credit hours)

  • RS 200: History of Civilization I: Church History Perspective (3 credit hours)

  • CC 101: Sociology of Marriage and Family Life (3 credit hours)

  • CC 201: Introduction to Psychology: Christian Counseling Perspectives (3 credit hours)



  • Foundations of Biblical Counseling (12 credit hours)



  • CC 405: Addiction Counseling with Practicum (5 credit hours)

  • CC 406: Counseling and Family Violence with Practicum (5 credit hours)

  • RS 447: Discipling the Ex-Offender with Practicum (5 credit hours)

  • RS 448: Ministry in Correctional Institution with Practicum (5 credit hours)

  • RS 449: Ministry in Juvenile Correctional Settings with Practicum (5 credit hours)

  • CC 301: Self-Concept: Studies in Biblical Inner Healing with Practicum (5 credit hours)

  • CC 303: Assessment in Christian Counseling with Practicum (5 credit hours)

  • CC 305: Human Sexuality with Practicum (5 credit hours)

  • CC 402: Crisis Counseling: A Christian Perspective with Practicum (5 credit hours)

  • CC 404: Counseling the Dysfunctional Family with Practicum (5 credit hours)

  • CC 415: Human Development (3 credit hours)

  • RS 109: Spiritual Formation (3 credit hours)

  • RS 219: Christian Character Development (3 credit hours)

  • RS 204: introduction to Leadership (3 credit hours)

  • RS 202: Cults and the Occult (3 credit hours)

  • RS 110: Spiritual Warfare (3 credit hours)

Program Objectives

  • To assist an individual in understanding their own needs through self-confrontation.

  • To develop an understanding of human needs, motivation, and personality structure.

  • To equip the saints to minister healing to the body of Christ using the Word of God.

  • To understand the function of counseling in the various ministry venues.

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